♖ Art and Culture

Tidone and Luretta valleys were border lands between Guelfi and Ghibellini, crossed by pilgrims and therefore characterized by many churches, sanctuaries and ancient castles. Villages “painted” in the amazing landscapes are framing these enchanted valleys.

❀ Nature and territory

Tidone and Luretta valleys are dominated by an undisputed nature among rocky spurs, hills dotted with vineyards and landscapes dominated by church steeples, towers and mighty fortifications.

◷ Production activities

The economy of the valleys Tidone and Luretta is mainly based on agriculture and tourism. Essentially there are numerous valleys agricultural holdings with cattle, sheep and horses, stables, wine and cheese production that can be bought in various shops scattered in the area, or farms.

We wait you all in VAL TIDONE and VAL LURETTA

Easily accessible by car (A21 motorway or SS412 state road) and train (in Castelsangiovanni station), Val Tidone and Val Luretta are within an hour from Milan and are great places to live an unforgettable experience!

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